Q:What Items Are Supplied By Murphy Lakes?


A: We supply Pillows, covers, sheets, toilet paper, cook stove or grills, pots , pans, skillets, some towels, fire wood, bon-fire wood, and free parking.


Q:What should we bring to make your stay more enjoyable?


A: You should bring charcoal, lighter fluid, cooler with food, plastic silver ware, paper plates and bowls, batteries, canoe or kayak ( No gas motors ), toilet kits, sleeping bags, air mattress / inner tubes, bait, camera & film.


Q:What is quality time for 2- 500 people?


A: No shopping for five miles, no traffic, no driving, park your car and enjoy your partners company, avoid DWI’s. Quality time is not going to the factory outlet and buying out of date fashions. It is not being stuck in traffic at the lake or in Branson. It is not traveling to noisy overcrowded camp grounds. It is about catching large Bass and not cleaning them. It is about spending quality time with family members and friends in a remote setting where you can enjoy nature.


Q:What makes Murphy Lake unique?


A:Murphy lakes is not a large campground filled with campers. Most of the time swimmers, fishers, hikers and boaters have an entire lake to themselves where no one is heard or seen. Setup for only two rental buildings a house and a log cabin you find yourself immersed in a stress free environment of almost four hundred acres. The area surrounding the farm is made up of other large farms. One such farm lies between Murphy lakes and the Hungry Mother conservation area. Nestled on the interior of 11 miles of country roads, you will find the stress ZAPPED out of your body. See unspoiled lands free of the commercial hype of fast food restaurants, noise and pollution. See the stars at night without interference of the city lights. Reclaimed strip mine lakes built between 1905 and 1975 are surrounded by natural vegetation.